Selling out (Black)
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Gizza Job!
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No credit to Capitalism.
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Selling out (Black)
Selling out (Black)

Why would anyone question why she is friends with money?

the most interesting thing, a claim to take over her life.

And i sometimes worry that money is much more important than art

Success, jobs and wealth

Yes of course

Why feel for deep value

Yeah of course, she insists why revere Andre Breton

Depth and thought only blemishing the ways

and scorn the establishment

Shallow point of high art.


Written by me


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Gizza Job!
Gizza Job!

We are the people

casting processional stances in the queue 

Paraded, defunct yet static.

Observed and seen the artists 'romantic struggle',

public performance in a vacant office.

Pea-pickers, vegabonds visualised in a vacant office.


We are all workers!

blow the smoke ring, smother the vagrants and lift with youthful vigour

         the political forces.`

Play the chin up harmonica.

Paraded. Movement defunct never static.


The biro drawing itself, the circular ecological system

the 11.6 of the pie chart.


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No credit to Capitalism.
No credit to Capitalism.

not free to progress,

to differ, to rationalise.

                        Doormats and Jellyfish.

To wane in rage- all appeal and reverse.

The once took and still gone universal ownership.


Self gobbled up by their dogs

one self cast in stone, ached and wronged.

The true and vast observer of the free, good and true.


Just mere ash, lesser residing at the crash point.

Mays pathetic favour for the affluent

and their bling!


'Play the Harp'

Triumph. Take a moment and feel,

eat popcorn, room to stream the greatest programme

with sweet peachy verse

and potent healthy soul.

                      and louder, harder, decisive Marx.

The new mainstream rage on!!

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